Friday, January 1, 2010

Living and loving

To live is something but to be able to live is another thing. The same goes with love. To love is something but to be loved is a completely different thing. Do you need love to live? Coz to love, u definitely need to live, or else you would be considered dead, cold n heartless, I guess. The important thing is to seek love from the right one n to give ur love to those who would never waste it..May Allah love us all…


hmmm....da lama da xtulis dlm blog...ada blog ni pun dulu lecturer kt matrx yg suh, nk suh ktorg post esei yg dia suh wat...igtkan xnk tulis da...

all this while, i havent been writing any post cause i opt to keep everything to myself rather than telling the story of my life to the public....hehe, wondering if that is a good thing or not...however, too many things happen to me lately and it caused me to go haywire..yet, i dont think i would be able to tell people about it. so, intead, i planned to write here. those who understand, alhamdulillah, but if the opposite occurs, im truly sorry.

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