Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flood. Literally.

Quite recently I had a misfortune. My car(which my dad lent to me) was sort of stranded in a flood. Rendering the engine damaged. But definitely there's no reason to enjoy the bliss behind it. A stranger came to help and my ever helpful brother came immediately to lend a hand and sort it out.

And I got to learn on how to troubleshoot, not in detail as I don't know the anatomy and physiology of a car. In the end, the engine need to be replaced, so we got a better engine with a greater HP! 😉

And here comes one of the greatest lessons.
My daddy asked me, what is the problem with a more powerful engine.

First guess: the brake.
Another guess: greater fuel consumption.
Indeed. The more powerful the engine is, the greater the fuel consumption. It is something that comes hand in hand. But the problem lies in the brake. If you have a powerful engine, you got to have an equivalent brake which is as competent to put a halt on whatever speed u are going.

So does our life.

You got to know that the damage could be greater if you don't prepare enough, which could serve as your brake in case anything happened. Having greater power and responsibilities means you need to have a better control over your desire, emotions and thoughts that those power you have are to serve those in need and not yourself.
If you let your brake loosened up, you would end up being corrupted. And corruption means you had lost your dignity, no matter how high or reputable your position is.

Nevertheless, Allah is all Forgiving and Loving. If you repent genuinely, His Love and blessings are always there to embrace you. Never give up on yourself and most importantly, never give up on Allah's forgiveness and mercy.

O Allah, make me and the people around me as those who are grateful and in gratitude towards you all the time. Make us among those who love You and are beloved to you.


Sunday, April 23, 2017

A matter of running


Can you tell me what running is about?
Because I am very much confused. Very much unsure and undecided. Whether to run or not to run. And more importantly, the reason for me to run in the first place.
Most of the time I contemplated. Running seems to be fun, but it takes a lot more than your usual walk as well.

And if I were to talk about running in the sense of my pace, in living my job and life. I would say now I am actually crawling, with all my might and will. Trying to get up, just to walk first. Not even running yet.

And the very reason I am writing this is because I think that running, in my current condition, is actually running away. And that worries me. If I were to decide to leave, I want it to be because I wanted to do whatever it is on the other side, not because I want to run away from my current situation. And this situation is actually a result of the decision I confidently and adamantly made few months back, which also makes me wonder, why the hesitations I am having now?

Still unsure and undecided. I shall see would I run as if I am in a race or would I actually run away?

O Allah, do grant me Your Guidance and Assistance in this matter so that it becomes a means for me to get closer to You and Your blessings.


Friday, February 24, 2017


Diri ini seakannya hilang.
Daya tahan.
Semangat dan cinta.

Teringat-ingat pesan guru saya, semangat pasti akan ada bila adanya cinta dalam melakukan sesuatu.

Ramai khuatir.
Diri ini pun khuatir.

Seakan-akan kelelahan merantai diri.
Terjaganya diri di waktu pagi tidak lagi dipenuhi dengan semangat yang berkobar-kobar untuk menjalani hari. Untuk menabur bakti. Untuk membuktikan pada dunia yang diri ini bererti.

Hari yang dijalani semakin dipenuhi pertanyaan yang tak terjawab.

Sejujurnya, diri ini cuba bertahan semampunya, sebaiknya, agar sekurang-kurangnya tanggungjawab dan kewajipan yang ada tidak terabai.
Namun, seolah-olah perkara sekecil itu pun tidak kesampaian.

Tuhan, Yang Maha Perkasa, Yang Berkuasa atas segala sesuatu, kurniakan diriku dan keluargaku kesabaran dan kekuatan untuk menjalani kehidupan ini sebaik-baiknya dengan cara yang Engkau redhai.
Semoga setiap detik kehidupan kami mendekatkan kami dengan dakapan rahmat dan kasih sayang-Mu.



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