Saturday, May 11, 2013

laugh and tears

I often smile suddenly, especially when walking alone. So people would often give that apehal-la-budak-ni look.
That smile might be because I suddenly thought of you, or funny things,
or perhaps I purposely recall them to stop the tears from flowing :D

O Allah the Pacifier, grant us happiness and faith, for only to You we ask from

Monday, May 6, 2013

Resam pertandingan

Ada menang
Ada kalah

Semua pun berjuang
Ada yang santun
Ada yang mulia
Ada yang kasar
Juga yang biadap

Kekalahan ini pasti ada hikmahnya
Pasti ada sebabnya

Kerana tarbiyah belum cukup mantap
Dakwah belum menjadi amalan
Qudwah yang baik bukan sentiasa diikutkan
Tindakan dan tutur kata melampau bisa menjauhkan kemenangan
Moga diri takkan pernah lelah berusaha demi kebenaran
Menerima teguran
Memperbetulkan keadaan

Pesan buat diri:
Biar hina pada pandangan insan tetapi mulia pada pandangan Dia

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Part of history

On this date, I urge myself to be part of history. And I bet million others are doing the same. Voicing out own's voice and right, praying for justice and the best.

One can never be clever enough to say s/he knows everything.
Still, Allah knows everything. Of what had, what is and what will happen.
One can never be discreet enough to allow no one to somehow see through his/her mind.
So SPR assure 100% confidentiality. People can only trust in the promise and do their part.
Allah always keeps His words and His wrath and punishment awaits those who don't.
One can always hope, give their utmost effort and pray for the best. Nothing is eternal except Allah. Even the heaven and earth will crumble upon His will.

O Allah who listens to the prayer of His servants, O Allah who observes and knows everything,  O Allah who is the All-Provider, we pray for the best of ummah in this country. Protect us with Your blessings and love. Grant us Your forgiveness and mercy. To no else shall we pray and hope. Only to You alone.

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