Thursday, May 26, 2011

Will and Persevere #01

Every medical student (MS) will say that it is not easy to be a MS. Some others would say, "it is really hard to be MS". Perhaps we, MS overlooked the fact that it is not easy to be anyone(who is decent, of course!). If life were made to be easy, quote such as 'no pain no gain' won't exist. If every bird catches fat, fleshy worms, is there any point of being early?(referring to the quote 'early bird catches the worm'). You may be thinking that you are facing the hardest obstacle ever in the world's history but some other man may be thinking of the exact same thing. Why? For everything that ever happens to you, it is the best for you. Ups and downs. Highs and lows. Fun and grief. Laugh and tears. Hope and despair. Success and failure.

Do men think that they will be left alone on saying, "We believe", and that they will not be tested?
(Al-ankabut: 2)

How am I about to handle a living when I am about to be torn apart by things which I thought to be unmanageable? Or cause me unbearable pain? Or bring me to the end of my wits? Allah is always there, plead to Him. There should not be any other to be relied upon except Allah.

Life is not about being an island in the vast sea. It is about interaction, communication and all other things around you. Religion, faith, family, friends, career, relatives, relationships. All these cost you something. Energy, thoughts, emotions, time, money and every other thing you may want to name it. It is normal to be exhausted, to cry and to feel hopeless as we are only His servants. It is Allah who is Powerful and Absolute.
Therefore, my dear self, have faith in Allah for Allah is the Creator and Owner of this world, and the Strong, the All-knowing and with Allah's will only, something will happen. You may expect the worst but never stop hoping for the best. You may had done it wrongly, so don't repeat the same mistake.

To everyone else, I am sorry if I have ever done anything wrong.
If I pulled my face when you were expecting a smile.
If I raised my voice just because I was so selfish to think that I am the only one who is stressed out.
If I hang up because I just didn't feel like talking anymore.
If I declined anything when you were hoping the most of it.
If I ever made you worry by anything you know/see/listen about me.
If I kept quiet when I should have said something.
If I spoke something that tore your heart.
If I didn't bother to make some time to spend together just because I thought that we might have some other time to spend together and wished that you would understand that I am such a busy person(when I was actually too dumb to realize that it was otherwise).
If I was frustrated and disappointed with you because I thought that I should come first before anything you were doing.
To put it simply, if I ever be selfish and unfair to you, and for every other wrong doings, I am truly sorry.

O Allah, I seek refuge from You, the Almighty from being among those who suffer in the world and in the hereafter. Grant me the strength, the patience, the will and the perseverance to walk through this enduring path of seeking Your Love and Blessings. May all of us be among those who win the eternal prize, al-Jannah.

A great man is an ordinary man doing extraordinary things. Don't let others define your life. It belongs to Allah.


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