Sunday, June 25, 2017

Flood. Literally.

Quite recently I had a misfortune. My car(which my dad lent to me) was sort of stranded in a flood. Rendering the engine damaged. But definitely there's no reason to enjoy the bliss behind it. A stranger came to help and my ever helpful brother came immediately to lend a hand and sort it out.

And I got to learn on how to troubleshoot, not in detail as I don't know the anatomy and physiology of a car. In the end, the engine need to be replaced, so we got a better engine with a greater HP! 😉

And here comes one of the greatest lessons.
My daddy asked me, what is the problem with a more powerful engine.

First guess: the brake.
Another guess: greater fuel consumption.
Indeed. The more powerful the engine is, the greater the fuel consumption. It is something that comes hand in hand. But the problem lies in the brake. If you have a powerful engine, you got to have an equivalent brake which is as competent to put a halt on whatever speed u are going.

So does our life.

You got to know that the damage could be greater if you don't prepare enough, which could serve as your brake in case anything happened. Having greater power and responsibilities means you need to have a better control over your desire, emotions and thoughts that those power you have are to serve those in need and not yourself.
If you let your brake loosened up, you would end up being corrupted. And corruption means you had lost your dignity, no matter how high or reputable your position is.

Nevertheless, Allah is all Forgiving and Loving. If you repent genuinely, His Love and blessings are always there to embrace you. Never give up on yourself and most importantly, never give up on Allah's forgiveness and mercy.

O Allah, make me and the people around me as those who are grateful and in gratitude towards you all the time. Make us among those who love You and are beloved to you.


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