Monday, October 20, 2008


it's finally showdown.
MUET is in two days and final exam is just around the corner.
To succeed or to fail,the only choices available...
I couldn't opt for something else.
All the best to all my friends and hope we all achieved the best result ever!

Monday, October 6, 2008


Selamat Hari Raya Eidul Fitri to all my muslim lecturers and friends...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Passion or job scope?

When you are planning for your career, what plays an important role to you? Job scope or the passion?

To me, career is something that you will be continuously doing throughout your life. Therefore, passion is definitely an important role in planning for my career. My passion will lead me in pursuing the best of my career despite of all the odds that I need to go through. Passion allows you to enjoy what you are doing and will create a sense of well-being when you are able to do what you had been dreaming to do. In contrary, job scope will benefit you within a short term only. If you only consider about the job scope without giving any thought about your passion, you will regret it later on. This is because career has responsibilities and commitments. Thus, to have a career means that you are going to experience pressure and stress from career. Doing something that you do not like will only give you extra pressure as you are doing it without any enthusiasm, which is very important in providing you with ideas and the persistence required to progress rapidly in your career. Passion in opposite will give you the enthusiasm to perform your very best in your career.

I chose passion as an important role in planning my career because I want to live a life that I am going to be contented and happy with, not a life I have to compromise with. Some people might think differently as I am, as they might think that career is just a way of living your life and you hardly attached to it. However, I think of career as something that is a part of my life and I want my career to be at its best just like I want myself to be the best.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is English a vital subject or is it just a supplementary subject?

Is English a vital subject or is it just a supplementary subject?

English is a very important subject as the use of English has been spread worldwide. There are very few countries which do not use English as their medium language. Hence, English is a vital subject especially here in Malaysia. English subject is the best approach in improving one’s English. This is because one needs to have a very good basis in English grammar to be proficient in English. Thus, formal class is the best way to instill the correct use of grammar in a student. This is the first reason why English is a vital subject.

Another rationale for English to be a vital subject is that Malaysians hardly use English unless they have to do so. So, conducting English classes is an excellent attempt to urge the usage of English among students. Basically, English classes will be the initiation of English usage among Malaysians, students especially. Form this on; they will realize the significance of English in their life and will start making their own effort in improving their English. To make this happen, English should be a vital subject and not just a supplementary subject.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Math and Science in English.

I totally disagree with this implementation as in my opinion; this implementation not only unable to achieve its aim but it also worsens the students’ performance in Math and Science.

The aim of this implementation is to improve English among students. However, as a student and also a daughter of a Science teacher, I found that this implementation only gives rise to more problems apart from the fact that the English among students hardly improve. There are very few students that can cope with this implementation and make benefits of it. I am lucky to be one but I had to admit that I had a lot of helps from people around especially my parents. There are not many students who came from a family with a good English background like me, needless to say those who can afford to buy books and dictionaries for their own usage in order to help them understand English, Math and Science altogether. Therefore, this implementation did benefit some people but burdened more people than you thought it would.

Furthermore, I disagree because to improve one’s language, one needs to study from the basic, especially grammar. Learning Math and Science in English might increase the students’ range of vocabulary but it is of no use if they hardly able to use any word or terminology that they learnt in Math and Science. Implying English in Math and Science will only promote the use of broken English because the students give their main concern towards Math and Science, not English. This way, their English worsens and they will have trouble in Math and Science as well since they have been learning Math and Science in Malay before. They will take time to get used to the new terminologies and this, for me, should not be allowed to happen. Moreover, a lot of money had been spent in this implementation which is a total waste when the result is so disappointing.

Hence, this implementation is not benefiting at all. I think its best to spend more money in improving English subject itself rather than spending money carelessly by using English as a medium in other subjects.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Hello and have a nice day! I am new here and I wish my blog would be able to entertain those reading. Have a good time reading my blog!

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