Sunday, February 23, 2014

that one secret

assalamualaikum wbt

"you just got to believe"

Well, I suppose that is the gist of Kungfu Panda. The Secret.

It is true, we got to believe in oneself and that would kick off everything. If one could do something by the mere fact s/he is just doing it, perhaps that is just coincidence. Nevertheless, that is not the one secret I want to talk about. 

This one particular secret is something one knows so much of it but not really so. At times, it is something everybody knows but no one really knows.

I remembered in one of the drama that I watched when I was a child, a successful trade man was asked about his secret of success. He answered: "love". Love the people around you and they will love you back. Love your job and you would do your best. Love your stuffs and you would treasure them. Simple isn't it? Indeed, saying is much more easier than getting it done.

I suppose everyone had had the experience right? How love brings you to the top of the world and yet it makes you realize how endless the abyss is. There are so much to say but I am at loss of words.

O Allah, grant us Your love, the love of those who love You, deeds that bring us to Your love.
Dalam apa jua keadaan, meski lidah terkelu untuk menutur bicara, meski akal terhenti dalam memikirkan hikmah dan logika, meski hati remuk untuk terus merasakan lagi, Allah tetap mengerti segalanya tentang kita

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