Sunday, April 1, 2018

Starry nights


Have you ever feel bored seeing the sky at night full of stars?
Not me.
I can never get enough of them.
There are nights I would long to see them.
There are nights I am happy and delighted and feel very grateful to see them. Watching those bright stars are definitely mesmerizing, calming. Stunningly beautiful. Literally so.

HOwever, there would be times when there were tears coming down my cheek because those stars reminded me of my beloved ones, ohana. I wish the would see the amazing sight too. I hope they are as bright too, no matter how everything else is dark around them.
I will be praying that the Creator of such beauty would protect those beloved to me.

I wonder how much have I done to make sure I will get into Jannah that has unimaginable beauty for eternity and how much have I done to make sure those around me would be with me then. Maybe we are apart now. But always, in our prayers, till Jannah.

O Allah, grant us Your mercy, blessings and forgiveness.

I miss the night when I left Cappadocia, it was graced by such a beautiful sky full of stars <3

and this was one night before that :) it was raining. 


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The Eyes of a Talisman


"Hanya jauhari mengenal manikam"

Familiar with the idiom? It is true indeed. But no matter how often I encountered such situations (that proves the above idiom); I would still be surprised. 

During our tour in Cappadocia, we are brought to a carpet factory(Actually, it is more than a factory. It is an institute that keeps the carpet-weaving industry alive; an institute that recruits the masters to teach the younger generations and also providing a place for them to sell their own masterpieces (very beautiful pieces! Seeing is believing). After the tour around the institution, we were brought into their gallery that is full of amazing pieces; of various sizes, designs, colours, types and fine quality. And being a forgetful person, I always need to repeat my questions (of what type those carpets are: wool/ silk/ cotton/ combination of any). And the uncle would tell me the answer just by having a glance at the piece I was pointing. In awe, I could not help but to ask "How could you tell just by glancing at it?". And he replied with a humble smile: "I've been working in this industry for 20 years and these are the only things I need to be expert in. Unlike you, you need to keep on updating yourself, expanding your knowledge, learning new skills and technologies. This is my day in and day out job, that's why it is easy for me". I don't know why, but somehow his smile and statement gave me some sort of motivation to me =)

May I become the expert in my field too; and exert such passion and diligence in my work. Thank you pakcik! (and sorry I didn't get your name. Jazakallahu khairan kathira pakcik)


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Sunday, March 25, 2018



Have you ever heard of the saying 'People will only believe what they wanted to believe? 
Oops. It's okay =) You now have heard about it. Hehe. I first heard about this a long time ago. Probably during high school. Maybe history lessons. Hehe. Maybe. And I have always thought about it. And it's true. It's really true. Me included. It is hard to believe something when it is against something what we have already believed in. Some sort of internal debate la kot kan. Which one is true? A or B? How can A be true when all this while you know it is B for SURE. One thing we always forget is that A and B could both be true. Difference point of view would change how A and B looks like. But oh well, how often are we bothered about others point of view? #pointstoponder

I hardly been on the other side (defendant; chewah, tetiba teringat cerita ID- Innocent Defendant <3 <3) and always, at this side (defendant side) truth hurts a lot. You know why, because people refused to believe what you know is the truth; because they already have their 'portion' of truth which I suppose is more than sufficient for them. Ain't it? And it hurts even even even more when these people, these people are your very own kin. And ummm yeah, I am writing this because I am so upset, full of rage and sadness, and disappointment. Hahaha. It seems my tears need no trigger now. Good moisturization for my eyes though. And somehow, I am reminded of these two things: 

1) Story of the prophet Joseph a.s. : 
The story that depicts the beauty of patience. Beautiful patience. Allahu. O Lord, grant me and my family such beautiful patience. For we are weak and small if not for whatever strength and ability You have granted us. 

2) One of the statements in Munyatul Musolli (I haven't finished this; but only heard part of early explanations for this book). And one of the things that I really remembered was: A good ruler is a blessings for the people (Because that book was dedicated to a ruler; so the author included advice and reminders for the ruler). Yes, it was a reminder for the ruler. But it is also to remind the people that good people deserve good King/ruler. If all duties to the Lord, the Prophets and to the Deen are fulfilled, why won't your Lord grant you such blessings (a good ruler). So that makes me ponder, did I lack in fulfilling my responsibilities to anyone? Did I refuse to believe someone when s/he is telling the truth? Did I shut down someone when s/he tried to ask for what is right and to know what is wrong? Did I turned my back to anyone who deserves my respect? Did I refused to acknowledge someone who deserves more than that? Am I looking down on someone or his/her opinion or thoughts or advices or suggestions just because I think s/he is no better than me? Did I ever thought or assume that someone is not good just because of who her/his family members or parents are? Did I? Because that is what I feel is happening. My beloved is being misjudged. Our voices unheard. We are made distant as if we had burnt down the bridge but we had always left the door open (Not the had(at least for me)). Did I ever look down on someone's dad or referring someone such as "Ni ikut ayah dia la tu" because now I feel that my dad's pride is being trampled upon. Is it because of my action? My words? Or perhaps even my thoughts or assumptions? 

Alahai dunia, peritnya kamu ini!

I am sorry world. So sorry. If I have ever done anything wrong, if I have ever hurt you, if I have ever not fulfill my duties or responsibilities, please forgive me. Please forgive me. Please forgive me.

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