Saturday, June 29, 2013

masihkah kau ingat?

Dengan nama Allah yang Maha Pemurah lagi Maha Mengasihani

Minggu yang pertama :D

dimulakan dengan niat kerana-Nya
untuk berusaha sebaik-baiknya
dengan harapan untuk menjadi yang paling bermanfaat
dengan azam untuk kekal tabah dan kuat

tapi tak lama
beberapa hari yang berlalu hampir meragut senyuman dari wajahku
Allah, lemahnya diri ini
diri dikuatkan
dengan berbagai cara
maka terus melangkah
tapi nyata rebah

Allahu rabbi, Engkau tahu sedalam-dalamnya apa yang di hatiku tanpa perlu aku berkata
biar ku merintih sayu,
Engkau sentiasa mendengar,
bila mana ku tertawa ria,
Engkau tetap setia di sisi.

masakan ada yang sanggup buat macam tu kan?
sayangnya Allah pada kita.

teringat kata diri sendiri pada seorang sahabat bilamana air matanya berderai laju dek kerana hirisan kata-kata insan lain: "biarlah, mungkin dia tidak tahu. kita sabar je"

senyum ^.^

to forgive is the fastest way of relief

All the wrong words can kill yet I would want to remember all the kind words that heal instead =]

jzkk kpd shbt kecik yang mengingatkan saya ttg ini ;)

Friday, June 21, 2013

Of BTN and PPD Camp 3

I prepared myself for the worst ever. Just in case. Well, we should always hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So that was what I did for this camp.

We departed.

It was a long journey but I couldn't deny the anxiety and excitement I felt when I saw that camp.

The first day passed by after some briefing by Pak Zainal and election of Penghulu and Penghuluwati. After a little bit of rehearsal for tomorrow's talk and marching, the first day  came to an end.

Second day.

The talk.

Sounded good. The speaker was not biased, open-minded and not too bad (as I thought it would- pity me, I could have had positive perception). Well, in short, alhamdulillah. It would be too long if I were to make this like a diary entry- which I am not keen of. To put it simply, except for a few irritating minutes during the second night, the BTN camp was superb, something that was beyond expectation :) Kudos to the facilitators.

This BTN camp definitely helped us to love the country to a greater extent (if you actually appreciate it), developed strong team spirit and many more positive values.

Just a few learning points I wish to highlight so I won't forget:
  1. Focus. This is vital. Don't do things in auto-pilot mode. 
  2. Relationship bonding requires effort. Despite of the differences, there would always be similarities for us to embrace.
  3. Trust. Hard to build, easy to break. Careful with whom you trust and protect it well. Miscommunication can easily lead cause irreversible damage to the trust you had built so far.
  4. Positive values are meant to be appreciated and practised. Everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.  Appreciate the strengths, strengthen the weaknesses. Never belittles someone else's opinion or effort. A team player- who you are (amanah, teliti, bertanggungjawab, jujur, etc.)
  5. Task=something that you have to do despite of your choice/own will. Do it with passion and love. They are meant for you and you are responsible to get them done. Voicing out your dissatisfaction with anger is not helping at all. If anything need to be clarified, do it with appropriate manners and language. 
  6. There is no harm to have smiling faces. They are just so welcoming and soothing :)
  7. To encourage other people. Positive remarks definitely helped boost the spirit and motivation.

A climb is never easy and the choice is always yours.
I choose to strive! Let us give our best~
*jzkk to my dearie friend for the pic*

For the PPD camp, it was the best ever and really, it was an eye-opener. For me to take things more seriously, to appreciate every single opportunity, to participate in any possible way, to be responsible and show positive attitudes all the time.

The time spent was priceless.  Despite of the tiring activities, this camp was like a wonderful break, away from the anxious and frightening thoughts of starting the final year. Yet, this camp prepared us well to face this final year with our best, insyaAllah.  


  1. to treat people like how you want to be treated.
  2. to be a good leader@team player.
  3. to have proper documentation.
  4. to have positive thinking and attitudes at all times.
  5. to have a good financial planning and excellent execution. 
  6. to manage self well. Self-reflect. Self-regulate. Self-correct. Professional.
  7. to be close to Allah and this is always the priority.

Alhamdulillah I am about to arrive at my beloved college soon. Hopefully, all the lessons learnt would be put into practise throughout my entire life. InsyaAllah. 

May Allah return goodness to everyone who had contributed to the camp in any possible way.

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