Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Author Of Your Own Book

With the name of Allah, the Most Merciful, the Most Beneficent

a reminder from my supervisor: always start everything with basmallah for with it nothing will be useless.  With basmallah, barakah will ensue. in shaa Allah

Who hates to be an author?

You. She. He. They. and I?(if I really do, I would not have this blog right?)

As all other things, it is something that differs from one person to another.

The irony is

How MUCH you hate to be an author, you are doomed to be one anyway.

Each of us writes our own book ever since we were born. Every single split of second will be written. In the end, we will read it ourselves.


do we deserve the love and mercy from Allah? or do we not?


*this posting is terrific!

Monday, November 26, 2012

Untuk apa?

Assalamualaikum wbt

Dalam kebosanan aku membelek sebuah majalah. Terkesima apabila membaca penyataan ini

"ramai yang cinta akan perjuangan tapi tidak kepada Tuhan perjuangan"

Maka aku berfikir, adakah aku termasuk dalam golongan itu?

Kukatakan rindu pada Dia tapi sebanyak mana kuisi hidup kerana-Nya
Ku akui cinta hanya kepada-Nya, namun bersungguhkah aku dalam merindui Dia?
Dengan pulun ku menuntut ilmu. Kononnya demi Dia. Demi cinta kepada-Nya. Tapi benarkah langsung tiada sisipan cinta utk dunia?
Sepenuh daya ku isi masa hanya kerana-Nya, namun tegarkah hati ini pada setiap saat dan ketika?
Aku cinta dan sayang akan si fulan dan si fulan, dengan harapan kerana cinta kepada Dia. Jika begitu, mengapa mudah benar jiwa ini terluka dan berkira? Bukankah Si Dia empunya semua?
Sering benar aku melihat orang lain. Itu tidak tepat, ini kurang betul. Tapi diriku ku persetankan segalanya? Benarkah aku membenarkan Tuhan?
Aku penat kononnya sudah habis keringat. Haha. Sedangkan acap kali diri berbicara tentang kuat dan hebat.


Tuhan, mohon tunjukkan aku jalan. Pimpinkan aku dalam perjalanan ini. Usah biarkan aku terkapai walau sesaat. Jangan tinggalkan aku dalam kegelapan. Walau sesaat. Meski seketika cuma. Kepada Tuhan aku kembali. Dengan Tuhan segalanya mungkin. Hanya Tuhan yang menjadi dambaan. Dengan izin Allah. Mudah-mudahan

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

through and through

This time, it might be quite too common and perhaps show the opposite of the title. Nevertheless, I hope it would be worth-reading.

The posting I am in now taught me a lot of things. Directly or indirectly. Maybe it happened in the previous postings as well but I took no notice of it. Or maybe I chose to ignore it.

Firstly, we may not have things that we need or want but we would still have plenty of things to be grateful of. I had been through this a lot of times but I only seemed to realize it after reading a story of a girl, who wished for a doll as a present but was given crutches instead. Seems ridiculous right?  I could never relate this at first. Not until the father of the girl told her that you should be grateful that you don't need crutches. Aha... did you thought of this initially? I didn't. I have to admit that I have to more grateful of everything that I have and also things-that-I-don't-need-to-have. Would you want to wear crutches? :P

Then, this may be somehow related to the first one. 'Sandbag' is a synonym I sometimes used for medical students(MS). Because MS would become the target for the doctors/staffs to vent their anger and frustrations, especially when they had been holding on so long with the patients. Perhaps this helps to build the resilience of these MS and made them grew tougher and stronger but they are no angels. At certain times, MS do get upset and thus feeling low. Being one, I always tell myself that these people got angry because they are normal human being who have emotions and therefore it is 'ok' for them to sandbagged us. Being too occupied of denying, I often overlooked the positive emotions in other doctors/staff. (I am not sure if this only applies to my current posting) There are many more doctors/staffs at that particular moment who are willing to share their knowledge and soothes away those negative feelings. Perhaps it is too late for me to learn this but I am glad it is not any later :)

Another thing is my personal observation on the facial expression of the visitors. I could see that some of them are sad, grieved, hopeful, happy and some even looked boring. Visiting the sick people is encouraged in Islam as it reminds you a lot of things: the health you are having; as an ummah, we support and help each other; the fact that Allah is the One who heals; and the fact that we are mortals. I am not sure of what these expressions mean but I bet they give some impact to the patients. Allahua'lam. Personally, I would be glad to see those visiting me to be smiling or at least, 'looked' interested in visiting me. There are various occasions in which I think things could be improved but I never know what I would have done if I were in their shoes. I am just telling this to remind myself to be control my expression and action when visiting the sick.

*p/s: falling in love with this posting but am too worried about too many things especially myself :( May Allah ease our way in becoming among those He loves

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