Monday, July 19, 2010

Basketball~ vs. charger

Greetings to all readers,

Few days back, I played basketball with my friends, though poorly :p...This sure bring back some memories... way back in 2006/07 in Jasin, Malacca. Despite of the fact that I do not have any talent in sports, I usually went to play games with my friends in the evening. Seems like we were living a healthy lifestyle, but actually we were looking for 'chargers' (niat da lari :p)

So, why suddenly 'charger' and what does it mean? Since only those who know the meaning of the terms I am using in this entry will understand this post, 'charger' basically means anything that can recharge your 'cell'. Back then, we chose inappropriate chargers. Why did I say so? Because, we may feel better in a brief moment, but actually this so called charger also brings some negative energy as well...haha, serves me right....

Before we proceed, here are a few things that I learn about myself through playing basketball:

  1. I am such a timid person. Hardly have faith in oneself, I struggle for nothing.
  2. There are always doubts or uncertainties when I am doing something. This gives adverse effects to my performance/participation.
  3. Inferiority or easily intimidated (back to point no. 1). This is me.
I knew very well that all the above do no good to me. However, I just do not know how to get rid of them. However, I am slowly but definitely striving to become better, insyaAllah :D

As muslims, our charger should be Allah and everything that brings us closer to Allah. Therefore, we would never be disappointed because Allah is the mastermind of everything and with Allah's will, anything can happen, anything...

Sesungguhnya keadaan-Nya apabila Dia menghendaki sesuatu hanyalah berkata kepadanya: "Jadilah!" maka terjadilah ia. (36:82)


If that is so, why frustrations still exist? Disappointment? Sadness? Stress? Grief? Because those feelings are characteristics of human being. Those are among the things that Allah gave us to make us stronger.

Kami tiada membebani seseorang melainkan menurut kesanggupannya, dan pada sisi Kami ada suatu kitab yang membicarakan kebenaran[1010], dan mereka tidak dianiaya. (23:62)
[1010]. Maksudnya: Kitab tempat malaikat-malaikat menuliskan perbuatan-perbuatan seseorang, biarpun buruk atau baik, yang akan dibacakan di hari kiamat (Lihat surat Al-Jatsiyah ayat 29).

What matters is just the way we manage and deal with those feelings. It is what we do in such moments and how we react with whatever happens. Whenever something happens, talk to Allah though Allah already knows... you will definitely find peace insyaAllah...

Dan rahsiakanlah perkataanmu atau lahirkanlah; sesungguhnya Dia Maha Mengetahui segala isi hati. (67:13)

...maka katakanlah: "Cukuplah Allah bagiku; tidak ada Tuhan selain Dia. Hanya kepada-Nya aku bertawakkal dan Dia adalah Tuhan yang memiliki 'Arsy yang agung."

I am just merely expressing my feelings... any comments and corrections of mistakes or wrong points are most welcomed:)

side notes: blup2, missing u T.T

2 comment(s):

teringat dulu2.
charger eh?ke bahan cuci?
hehe :p
emm saje natambah..
dalam dunia nih,ade khaliq ngan makhluk.
khaliq tuh Allah,dan selebihnya,semuanya makhluk..
perasaan pun makhluk Allah jugak..
bila kita rasa sedey,senanye,Allah yg suruh perasaan sedey tuh datang kat kite..
Dia yang hadirkan perasaan tuh.
sebab tuh kite kene salu berdoa semoga perasaan yg hadir tuh adalah sebagai agen pendekat kite dengan Allah..
bukan agen penjauh..
even kalau kte sedey pon,tapi kte nanges kerana Allah kan indah?betul tak?

charger or bahan cuci... taw2 sdiri le maksudnye...hehe

btul2..mekacih atas peringatan:)

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