Saturday, May 11, 2013

laugh and tears

I often smile suddenly, especially when walking alone. So people would often give that apehal-la-budak-ni look.
That smile might be because I suddenly thought of you, or funny things,
or perhaps I purposely recall them to stop the tears from flowing :D

O Allah the Pacifier, grant us happiness and faith, for only to You we ask from

4 comment(s):

nahhh smileeee :) :) :)

senyum itu sedekah.

haah, kadang2 pun akan senyum sendiri :) miss u too dear :) how are u ;)

riha: jzkk dear:) let us all shine the world with our smile:)

Shill: miss u lots. alhamdulillah so far is good though i might still be in the comfort zone

Aah, slalu jer senyum sorang2, tp kalau x pakai spec org senyum pun kite x nmpk..

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