Saturday, February 14, 2015

overwhelmingly speechless

with the name of the Most Gracious and the Most Merciful

life is just what it is.
so does love. a single word can never describe these two words, neither can any amount of words.

love is to learn.
love is to persevere.
love is to be patient.

love is more than just a verb.

love can be present in a tiny thing like petting a pet or in the greatest love of all time.
love can be presented in a nice, sweet smile or a just a mere question of concern towards you.
love can be easily misinterpreted by both the one offering the love and the recipient.

putting it short, it is just impossible to describe love with words.

even so, it is even more difficult to explain about life. it is just is.

i found the episodes in my life very interesting. the ups and downs are very funny, at times i felt they were mocking at me. for example, when you got things that you wished but it carried on in your life in an opposite manner. i am not saying this because i am not content for the life i am living. in fact, i am very grateful by the way life is teaching me its beautiful lessons.

i am now in my second posting of housemanship.

prior to my commencement of my housemanship, i had a wishlist of how the sequence of my posting would go (OnG > medical > paeds > ortho > surgery > ED) - reasons for this are because I am never prepared for medical posting, 2nd, i thought OnG would somehow prepared me for HOship in a rather acceptable pace, n ortho n surgery last because i wanna keep my fav towards the end so i would be enjoying them. nevertheless, like i said before, life has its funny way of teaching me its lessons. most often it comes with either one of these: 1) i got things i really does not want or 2) i got what i want because i think it is the most awesome and fun but it turned out to be the most awful and dreadful.

lesson #1 in my HOship: i got the hospital i applied for. but till now, i am telling myself to be happy with it :)))

lesson #2: i got medical posting first - yeah, i almost cried the moment this news hit me. but it turned out to be the best preparation for me. thank you everyone in medical posting! you are dearly missed <3

lesson # ?:
ok, subsequently (upon entering medical posting) i changed my plan. my wishlist now is medical > ortho > paeds > OnG > surgery > ED (i just need a break after my medical posting here k =D). why ortho? because it was the  most fun and awesome posting when i was med student and it is very much relaxing (this is my presumption k, don't misunderstood). and this time, life takes method 2 to teach me. hmmm3, for now i won't elaborate k, coz i would rather shut myself. nevertheless, ortho is just so loveable and to love is to learn but love is not just about that. the most lovely of all is i found my twin and we are just inseparable. separate us and you shall lose our synergistic effect which is HUGE loss =D

*many things happen in such a short time, it is just so overwhelming*

this job demands me to read everyday. read dear, READ!

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