Saturday, November 21, 2015

Grief × Failure × Joy

بسم الله

Life is so full of randomness. One second you are happy. You never know next. A moment ago you were just chatting with your friend, enjoying the moment but the next thing you know, she could be facing something very saddening and shocking. Indeed, you were shocked yourself.

In one particular time you could be so full of life but in another, you might have wished maybe, just maybe, your life is better made short.

Sometimes, you wish your patient would recover and gain his/her strength but there are just times that they are in so much agony, you wished that you won't 'artificially' prolonging their suffering.

At times, you have so much planning for the future that you really looked forward to keep on living. Perhaps you had forgotten life is full of uncertainties.

There are times you find future is so bleak that you wonder if there is any room for you to be beneficial. Perhaps you have forgotten that hope never fades and His mercy and blessings are always there.

Life is just random. So does this entry.


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