Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ohana means family

And family means nobody's left behind. A phrase from one of my favourite's animation. Indeed. Many people say that doctors sacrifice a lot to treat his/her patients. I won't deny that. Time, energy, emotion and another long list may come up. Yet, people often overlook the fact that the people who are behind these doctors are sacrificing even more. They sacrifice the quality time they ought to have with these doctors, the emotions they bear when these doctors' emotions are draining, their claim of priority when these doctors have to put their patients first over anyone else, not even their parents, spouses or children. Yet, these family members are always there when the doctor thinks that s/he can no longer cope with the hardships. These kind people still make an effort to keep in touch and give support and encouragement by sending an SMS though they often have their inbox filled with SMS from these group of human being called 'doctors'. See? The family members are sacrificing more than the doctor does.

And in this pursuit of becoming a doctor, I am more than blessed and grateful to have such a family.

When I give a call to tell stories or most likely, a problem, I can hear the reassuring voices. Perhaps that is the reason I called in the first place, knowing that I will be comforted in such a way that the silver lining that was blind to me prior to that becomes as bright as the sun. 'xpe', 'don't worry', 'sume ok je, insyaAllah' are the magical phrases albeit the fact that you know these are the words which will hit your eardrum. Actually, you just want to hear them and you will experience the instant effect of comfort like the one you have when someone embraces you when you are about to fall apart.

Thanks a lot for being my family and let me be part of your life:)

We may not have it all together, but together, we have it all.

Ya Allah, ampunilah diriku dan keluargaku, selamatkanlah kami dari derita dan azab di dunia dan akhirat. Berkatilah setiap perbuatan kami dan sertakanlah redha-Mu dalam setiap saat kehidupan kami. Jadikanlah kami sebaik-baik manusia yang beroleh kemenangan di dunia dan akhirat.

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