Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Trapezium and parallelogram…

They just don't have the line of symmetry(except for a square and rectangle- since a square/rectangle is a parallelogram too)!

Pelajar: "mana ad cikgu! Trapezium and parallelogram ada garisan simetri laa"

Cikgu: Dari mana awak blajar ni? xcaya pulak ckgu ckp. Meh sini ckgu tunjuk…

(cikgu tu pun lukis hakikat yg sebenarnye)…

Pelajar: "takkanla….xpela, nt sy check balik"

Cikgu: xnak percaya lg? xpe, nt awak try gunting sendiri, pastu lipat sendiri sampai dapat(sarkastik)

Believing in the absolutely false fact, the student refused to accept the truth. Not until she couldn't prove that the line of symmetry existed. Eventually, she learned that the trapezium and parallelogram really don't have the line of symmetry.

Some things/facts, are just unacceptable at times. Though they are the REAL truth. It is unfathomable why this happens. The truth is thought to be untrue? Funny. Maybe because truth does not always mean good news or happiness. At times, truth can be devastating. Facts can be manipulated. Fate has its own twist. History may only reveal part of itself which leads to misunderstanding.

What I really want to say is: some things are just beyond your control because it is what it is.

*in the state of confusion*

Allah always has the 'hikmah' for everything that happens.


Saya berdoa kepada Allah supaya kurniakan saya kekuatan, kesabaran dan dedikasi untuk mematuhi ikrar ini sepanjang masa"(late noon; 15/6/2011)

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