Monday, October 3, 2011

Memories are meant to be treasured

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

My posting now officially ends. Of course, I am already in the study w
eek. Now comes the marathon of the two postings. Thus, I would like to compile the lessons I learnt from my lecturers throughout these few weeks. Perhaps some are missing, for I might have forgotten them and before the rest get faded away, let me engrave them in this little world of mine.

Homework need to be done on the same day. If not, you failed as a student!.
Hmm... well said. I have been trying to accomplish the above, but it was not successful every time. I don't want to be a CaTakSeruKin(cakap tak serupa bikin) but I thing this tips(or threat? :P ) is very useful.

You are not being systematic at all. You need to learn how to do things systematically so you won't miss any important points.

Early innocent days. Indeed, when you do things systematically, you will find it easier and thus, you feel more confident in yourself! (which is vital for a medical student)

Make yourself useful.
You can sit silent at the side and observe things while waiting for instructions. However, if you know that you can actually help, why don't you? You get the chance to do things, to experience something your friend may not be able to and perhaps, impress your lecturer!(This are just extra benefits, let's get our niat sincere:) )
Always be humble. You can always learn from other people even if you are already a consultant.
You might not believe me but the person who said this is already a senior consultant. Allah is always the Greatest, whatever you have is granted by Him, everything you know is bestowed upon you by Allah. In the end, everything belongs to Allah. O Allah, please let me be among those who love to share knowledge and allowed oneself to be taught and not among those who are arrogant and selfish.

Being a medical student is to build the database you are going to use later.
I always think that the lecturers are expecting too much but I should know things that I should know right? There is no excuse for that. To be a doctor who heals rather than kills,
then it is a must for me to know more rather than less right? O Allah, make me among those who undoubtedly have faith in You, endlessly seek for Your blessings in everything I put my effort into and never make me among those who give up and lose hope.

Do the correct thing from the start.
This advice might not be applicable to everyone, since one might have made a mistake(like me T,T ). However, you should not repeat the same mistake and if possible, learn from other people mistake's too. Improve yourself!

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.
You might not need a surgeon to tell you this, but who knows this might be your survival
tips later on, especially when you hardly have time for yourself :)

I have never liked teaching.
This statement is totally contradictory to who the surgeon really is. He is always dedicated towards his students and has been sharing endless tips every second he gets the chance to do so! This just made into one of my favourite memories :) Nevertheless, never make a teacher says this and means it!

So far, I have never found a student who says that he wants to become a neurosurgeon because he really likes the brain.
This might have no impact to you but to me, it means a lot. Old stories.
It seems to me that you are not learning at all!
From the sound of it, you are sure that this is a scolding right? Indeed. Moral of the story, you need to learn because of Allah(ikhlas) but your teacher's blessings is important too. Don't piss them off or disappoint them. They deserve your respect and more importantly, you owe them the good result they would like to see after they spent their time and effort to teach you!(a warning for myself)

The last message from my beloved supervisor:
"Can you stand out in the next medical posting? You need to improve yourself."
I'm sure this tells you that I had done poorly in my last posting :( but lessons learnt. Be an active learner. Volunteer yourself. Never be ashamed of trying. Share knowledge. InsyaAllah Doctor, I will improve myself!

Even when you think you had done your best, there is always room for improvement. That is why no one is perfect!
Ya Allah yang menguasai hati, tetapkan hatiku dalam agama-Mu, dalam mentaati-Mu dan di atas jalan-Mu.

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