Tuesday, November 29, 2011

In the bright light or under the shade?

I want to always understand you but sometimes we are just in different situations.

I want to always be able to comfort you but you just won't let me coz I am not in your shoes.

My shoulders are always there for you but at times you would cry to yourself coz you thought I might be troubled by your cry. Don't you know that it troubles me more when my shoulders are dry but your tears are streaming down your cheeks?

I always want to encourage you with my words but often I am stuck with hesitations. I am afraid those words would just be so-about-me that I prefer to keep it to myself. In the end, I feel like I am unworthy of a friend.

I always want to lift your burden but in the end you feel burdened even more because of my lack-of-understanding words.

There are a lot more I wish to do for you since you have done more than everything for me.

I was in the bright light before and I thought of sharing the light with you. I always thought that nothing could be better than that but I forgot one thing, sense of reality. I was so into my world that I forgot that such light could be blinding. Just before I lost my sight, you shared with me the shade you have. No, you are not putting off the light but you gave me just enough shade so that I could still have that awesome sight of life but not blinded by the brightness of it. When I thought of helping you, it turned out to be the opposite.

Thanks friend,

For being the sailor that navigates me when the storm is at its fiercest.

For being the star that accompanies me in the darkest of night.

For being the fire that warms me.

For being the water that cools me down.

For being the wind that embraces me in time of need.

For waking me up when I dozed off in class. Just like you will always bring me back to reality whenever I am lost in my dreams.

Whenever you are in front of me, you will get my hand and we'll walk side by side.

Whenever you are behind me, you will push me as if you know that I have no more strength left.

Whenever you are beside me, I would treasure such moment coz then I knew you are a friend I couldn't find elsewhere.

And for all these, let us thank Allah. Alhamdulillah. Thank you Allah.

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