Saturday, March 24, 2012

a circle it is

with the name of Allah, the Most Benificient, the Most Merciful

May peace be upon us all

A circle has the least friction and thus used in a lot of stuff.

A circle often represents a cycle, continuous even with numerous steps within it.

Life is almost like a circle. Continuous. Limitless(you have everything around you to do anything you want with death as the only boundary. Yet,the afterlife is still unlimited. Be it the paradise or the hell).

There are lots and lots of things happening in life, in your favour or against it.

Being through my elective posting, around the horses, I learnt a lot about life. Even though it was only for five days.

If you are tired, you are supposed to rest. It is not being lazy but it is to prevent things becoming worse. Least of all, you wouldn't want to be put to sleep (PTS).
*horses commit suicide if the pain is unbearable*

When there are precautionary steps, do not skip them. They are meant to protect you. InsyaAllah.

Little things if done continuously is actually A LOT. Little realized about this before something is done. Indeed, istiqamah is of utmost importance.

always hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

*khauf wa raja'*; with hope comes fear? or vice versa¿

*missing Habibi, Kacak and the rest :'( I believe this is the best for everyone :)*

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