Wednesday, March 28, 2012


May peace be upon us all.

I love privacy. Somehow, it gives you freedom. And space.

Yet, I forget.

That other people also feels the same way.

At times, I feel sad when someone hides something from me. Something I believe I should know. But it was keep hidden. Until I found out myself. Which hurts.

But the thing is I forgot. I forgot that s/he rightfully belongs to Allah. She has Allah to tell everything she wish to. In fact, Allah knows without her telling Him. She has Allah and Allah is there to protect her. I believe in Allah:) so, I should not worry.

Ya usrati, uhibbukum fillah <3


sesungguhnya keberanian dan ketabahan merupakan sehelai pakaian yang mesti sentiasa dipakai oleh setiap umat Islam

-Zainab al-Ghazali; Hari-hari dalam hidupku

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