Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Of a camp and an organization

Bismillah walhamdulillah,

May Allah shower us with His blessings

Praise to the Almighty for giving me the chance of being in Tasik Chini for a camp, with my fellow beloved colleagues. It was a great camp ^^. Thanks a bunch to the organiser:)

Initially, upon planning for the camp at the beginning of the session, I was really really excited *honest*. So that was the spirit until one week before going to the camp. The mood changed for a few reasons: i) I was kind of annoyed for a few changes- though I knew that this was nobody's fault ii) I had been waiting long enough that the wait was tiresome iii) *the most important* I was so overwhelmed by the unlimited things-to-do ever since this session started(with the hectic posting, wholesale, bla3). In fact, I was just fortunate to be able to complete my case report before going to the camp [even though it actually caused a 30-minute-delay - sorry guys!!! (=.=') ]

To my surprise, these reasons taught me great lessons: 1)Though Allah's plan is the best, it is partly our job to do our best in planning too*the organiser did well this time~ well done!* 2)Waiting is torture but it gives extra sweetness to the things you had been waiting for ^^ 3) Never ever do your task last minute even though you will be able to pull it through - or even if you are a super woman :p [I had been learning this for a long time but it hardly sticks to my mind]

I hardly had any enjoyable, really-fun-throughout camp for a couple of years, not until last weekend :D

This particular camp that I gave me a wider view of my friends and their characters. I might not be right for whatever I thought of them but somehow it is nice to know other people better right? *xkenal maka xcinta* Perhaps they saw the unseen part of me too, who knows? After all, I really hoped that they really enjoyed the camp and my presence(chewah, cm organiser la plak).

We might have things that did not go according to our plan but that is just fine:) Don't you think that that actually let us have more fun? I hope this happiness lasts forever and that it will cherish our cooperation even more despite of the hurdles we will be facing ahead!

A soft reminder: we might have no reason to do something or perhaps countless reasons and explanations for whatever action we take but let us do anything for the sake of Allah:)

Tasik Chini- xsempat nk dengar cter tentang Naga kt situ

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