Tuesday, September 4, 2012

above all

Alhamdulillahi rabbil 'alamin.

Praise to Allah for allowing me to live until this moment.

I might have been broken into pieces.

Countless times.

Perhaps into more than a million little pieces.

Yet the Almighty still brought those little pieces intact again.

To be THIS person.

I may be someone who you think I am

but I can be the exact opposite too.

Perhaps I am both?

haha. personality disorder.

My loved one once asked me this: 'why do you think someone who is extremely excellent at school suddenly become mediocre in university?'

My answer at that time was: 'perhaps s/he lost her/his motivation' - I just couldn't answer more.

My answer now:

Indeed. The motivation could be in any form. Hope. Expectation. Faith. Stress. Pressure. Love. Passion. It could be an endless list. Despite of it being infinite, time is cruel. All these could be lost in the blink of an eye. Thus, these thoughts popped up:

-it would be almost useless to be at the top.

-Going along the flow is just fine.

-Being not so good is not wrong.

-If I go too high, it would hurt even more if I fall

-I was hurt then, why should I place myself in a susceptible position?

-I am no longer at the bottom, that should be enough right?

No, it is not.

Is this too obvious? 

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