Wednesday, December 12, 2012

the one I love

With the Name of The ONE who owns the love and blessings

Today, is a great day to my family and I.


It is my mom's birthday~

Fuiyooo. 12.12.12

Regardless of the beautiful number, my mom stands out much more because she is the most beautiful person.

One of the reasons is because she gave birth to beautiful girls as well. hehe.

How important is a mother to us?

There is no need for me to tell. I know you knew it =) and words could never describe enough.

Love is a verb. And to tell someone is a verb as well right? So, please tell the people you love that you do love them. *Bukankah menggembirakan hati ibu bapa itu satu kebaikan?*

As for me, a mother is one who gave birth to a child or a woman who raises up a child. In my case, it was done with such perfect manner by super-duper-lovely Mek! *though I am unplanned but wanted*

Something I quoted from a book I just bought~

A Mum: the soft embrace that eases every worry; the tender gesture in the midst of household chaos; the thrill of a shared laugh; that steady gaze of pride that shows how much she cares.

O Allah, please place me among those who treasure every single person and gift You grant us. Fill our day with taufiq and hidayah so that our days, be it easy or harsh, are always full of barakah and rahmah.

Love, to all the mothers in the world.

~jom tadah tangan dan berdoa~

p/s: ayah, I love you too!

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