Saturday, March 1, 2014

coffee bean

O Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Beneficient

I may be a coffeeholic but that is not the reason I am choosing this title.

Have you ever heard a story about the coffee bean?

I am not sure of what I did. I am not sure if I was aware of my choices and what would I choose in future. However, I am bloody certain about the kind of life I am living in.

There are lots of times when I ponder about life. The reason of life - we all know it too well. To live the best you can in order to make the best living in the hereafter. The not-so-good thing is that I often question why me? There are times that I thought, why didn't I die when I am not yet baligh so that I can wait for my parents in front of the paradise? Living this short life (hardly 30 years), I am sure I would pass all the amusements in this world if I can choose to die earlier. No matter how, I am way past that opportunity.

The reason I am still alive? To live the best life that I can!

but why ain't I doing it? Living the best? T.T

So this story about the coffee bean, I learnt from the movie Shanghai Calling.

How a pit, after being plucked out of its shell, being processed, burnt, crushed and boiled to make a serving of wonderful coffee.

Ourselves. Do we let ourselves to withstand such pressure and challenges so that we can become better? Or would we just be on the safe side for long as we wish to be?

I am sorry for such a bleak thought. As for now, I replayed my beloved Mek's words over and over again:
"Choose you own path and do your best at it". 

*People say that motivation does not last. That is why we need it everyday.*

Dear self, hereby I promise you that I will never let myself drained out of good things. Ever.

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