Thursday, March 27, 2014


for whatever reason,

more doubts keep popping up.

even things I thought I had done confidently. I doubt them. I doubt myself.

that is why I hate it. I started to let my confidence waver, my enthusiasm falter.

this is still going to be a long journey though it all seems to come to its end.

be cool. be tough. be patient. be passionate. be strong. be humble.

have perseverance.

things which are meant for you will come to you. things which are not will never come to you despite you ran for it.

keep going on. your job is to work. Allah will decide.

be strong; for the strength lies deep within you.
be good; for goodness is your aim of living
be patient; for that is the root of perseverance
be great; for in greatness you shall be humble
be humble; for you are no one if not for Allah

Persevere - with it you shall improve
Set your goals - do set them sky high
Share - share your knowledge, happiness and success
Celebrate and learn - from your failures and setbacks

If you think you had fallen for me, I knew I had fallen for you; 
we both have emotion to attend to, but we have Islam to be adhered and hold onto. 

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