Monday, December 8, 2014

Worn out

For long
I had thought
Why me?
Why are these all unending?
How long shall this last?
For I am exhausted
Worn out
To a point that I no longer wish to breathe
So everything shall pass by
Without any effort
Being tireless
For long
I did think in such way
For countless times
I wish for things to end
But just now
I was reminded
That that is how life would be
When we are living for the sake of being
Rather than the sake of the Creator
For if we are living for Allah We shall be tireless as from Him, we ask for strength
We shall be resourceful for He is our Supplier

Shame on me for ever being tired
Pity on me to be searching for what I should not
As for now, Self, please be reminded of your ultimate goal - His Mercy and Blessings ♥

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