Thursday, September 25, 2008

Passion or job scope?

When you are planning for your career, what plays an important role to you? Job scope or the passion?

To me, career is something that you will be continuously doing throughout your life. Therefore, passion is definitely an important role in planning for my career. My passion will lead me in pursuing the best of my career despite of all the odds that I need to go through. Passion allows you to enjoy what you are doing and will create a sense of well-being when you are able to do what you had been dreaming to do. In contrary, job scope will benefit you within a short term only. If you only consider about the job scope without giving any thought about your passion, you will regret it later on. This is because career has responsibilities and commitments. Thus, to have a career means that you are going to experience pressure and stress from career. Doing something that you do not like will only give you extra pressure as you are doing it without any enthusiasm, which is very important in providing you with ideas and the persistence required to progress rapidly in your career. Passion in opposite will give you the enthusiasm to perform your very best in your career.

I chose passion as an important role in planning my career because I want to live a life that I am going to be contented and happy with, not a life I have to compromise with. Some people might think differently as I am, as they might think that career is just a way of living your life and you hardly attached to it. However, I think of career as something that is a part of my life and I want my career to be at its best just like I want myself to be the best.

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