Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is English a vital subject or is it just a supplementary subject?

Is English a vital subject or is it just a supplementary subject?

English is a very important subject as the use of English has been spread worldwide. There are very few countries which do not use English as their medium language. Hence, English is a vital subject especially here in Malaysia. English subject is the best approach in improving one’s English. This is because one needs to have a very good basis in English grammar to be proficient in English. Thus, formal class is the best way to instill the correct use of grammar in a student. This is the first reason why English is a vital subject.

Another rationale for English to be a vital subject is that Malaysians hardly use English unless they have to do so. So, conducting English classes is an excellent attempt to urge the usage of English among students. Basically, English classes will be the initiation of English usage among Malaysians, students especially. Form this on; they will realize the significance of English in their life and will start making their own effort in improving their English. To make this happen, English should be a vital subject and not just a supplementary subject.

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