Sunday, September 14, 2008

Math and Science in English.

I totally disagree with this implementation as in my opinion; this implementation not only unable to achieve its aim but it also worsens the students’ performance in Math and Science.

The aim of this implementation is to improve English among students. However, as a student and also a daughter of a Science teacher, I found that this implementation only gives rise to more problems apart from the fact that the English among students hardly improve. There are very few students that can cope with this implementation and make benefits of it. I am lucky to be one but I had to admit that I had a lot of helps from people around especially my parents. There are not many students who came from a family with a good English background like me, needless to say those who can afford to buy books and dictionaries for their own usage in order to help them understand English, Math and Science altogether. Therefore, this implementation did benefit some people but burdened more people than you thought it would.

Furthermore, I disagree because to improve one’s language, one needs to study from the basic, especially grammar. Learning Math and Science in English might increase the students’ range of vocabulary but it is of no use if they hardly able to use any word or terminology that they learnt in Math and Science. Implying English in Math and Science will only promote the use of broken English because the students give their main concern towards Math and Science, not English. This way, their English worsens and they will have trouble in Math and Science as well since they have been learning Math and Science in Malay before. They will take time to get used to the new terminologies and this, for me, should not be allowed to happen. Moreover, a lot of money had been spent in this implementation which is a total waste when the result is so disappointing.

Hence, this implementation is not benefiting at all. I think its best to spend more money in improving English subject itself rather than spending money carelessly by using English as a medium in other subjects.

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