Tuesday, January 17, 2012


assalamualaikum w.b.t.

This entry is specially dedicated to a friend of mine who enlightened me with your call to share your worries and dilemma. No, I am not enlightened by the fact that you are now facing some sort of dilemma and uncertainty but because of being able to listen to you when I thought I am of no use to the people around me. Though, the truth may be that you got no one else to talk to and you have to talk to me. It does not sound that nice, but still, I am glad to be there when it happens:)

One day, you got an offer which is absolutely irresistible but... you keep on having that 'but' there, for you are not sure of your capability or whether you are prepared for it. To me, you deserve every right to grab that opportunity and prove yourself to the world. Most importantly, to yourself. Smash that doubt and go ahead! Don't tell yourself all sorts of "what if..." for all of that would be a hindrance though they are not totally impossible. It is okay to be worried as we always need to expect the worse, but remember, do so when you are hoping for the best. Those thoughts are to make yourself prepared for all possibilities, not to let you push aside all the possibilities by avoiding that path drawn before you. The opportunity is there! Right before your own eyes! There is nothing wrong about it. You are not doing something haram, you even got your parents' permission. All that is left is for you to trust yourself and do your best for the rest of it =) My prayers will always be with you:)

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