Friday, February 3, 2012

winter is coming?

Greetings, may peace be upon us all.

This entry has nothing to do with winter as I love the weather in Malaysia as it is :D Such title is because I want to talk about the coldness that I felt is building up in me. I am not sure whether I am being super sensitive but I think as days passed by, I am being colder than ever. I blatantly say whatever I wanted to, regardless of the effects of those words. I hardly care about my expression when it can really hurt the people around me.

I am not saying this as if I deliberately do all this stuff. No, I did not. However, when I looked back to the things I had done for the day, these are what I feel. I am not sure if I had been this way for long but I had just realized it or I just somehow 'developed' these bad attitudes. Either way, I still hated this and I hate to hate myself. If ever, I hurt you with any of these, please tell me so I can improve. Please don't let me be in this pathetic circumstances forever. Please help me to stop hurting you T.T. I hope I would be like the Spring which often brings hope, joy and happiness to everyone!

*teringat mek ckp: "Europe is a really good place for vacation but I could only live there for few days/weeks. Living there for good certainly won't be my choice. The winter is just too cold. I would always choose Malaysia. Negara yg makmur:)"

Oh, tanah airku!

cantikkan? =)

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