Monday, November 4, 2013

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I am officially in my fifth week of posting. The best thing is that the week was started with an awesome call with this prominent Prof. The worst thing is that I am as if a preterm though the EDD is just around the corner.

Over these few weeks, I had learnt quite a number of things. Hopefully, this entry would be a nice booster for me later on:)

-Circumstances 1:

Everytime I ask questions, you would first read your notebook. Why can't you answer? I am asking basic questions. You don't get into the university because you can read. If that is the case, then I can just let the 7 or 8 year old child get into the university.

“There is an eagle in me that wants to soar, and there is a hippopotamus in me that wants to wallow in the mud.” ~Carl Sandburg

-Circumstances 2:
As muslims, we must read and memorize Al-Quran but there are more to it. We need to understand each and every statement therein. That is basics and it is to be applied to our daily life. To read, to memorize and to understand. To challenge and to question. That was what the first thing revealed to our prophet. Iqra'. And Allah SWT had challenged us to find any error, mistake or flaw in the Quran. The same thing applies in medicine. Do not read and memorize and blindly accept things. Question and understand it. What basics is basics and required of you.

-Circumstances 3:
Me: If I am not mistaken.
Lecturer: Don't tell me if you are not mistaken. You need to know your stuff.

*It's true. I need to things for certain. Ain't I?

-Circumstances 4:
In cases of abuse, putting the perpetrator (in this case, the father) behind bars is not going to solve everything. If the family is dependant on him, what is left for the family? Nothing. Even if social welfare can help with the food. How would they pay anything? It is for the whole family you know!

*Human law is never perfect. That is why we need lots of laws- quoted.
To me, the story Les Miserables depict this really well.

-Circumstances 5:
What's wrong with you?

True enough. There is nothing wrong but something is not right (T.T)
It had dawned on me over and over again that I am lousy and lagging behind. Yet, I still find time to comfortably lie down and had a good night sleep with adequate oral intake and amusement. I am glad that these reminders keep on coming that I would somehow cross the lines and get out of this comfort zone.

p/s: can anyone help me with this denial problem?

Missing the lecturer who would make you laugh but never has limit to share knowledge and wisdom, the lecturer who would nag and remind you like your mother does, the lecturer who would scold you like s/he would never get such a chance again. In short, I am missing these precious people who contributed a lot to whatever goodness I have in me.

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