Sunday, January 3, 2016


All praise and greatness to Allah swt

Yesterday, I was given the chance to do one of the things I enjoyed very much. Very much. Playing swing. Simple but it gives me lots of delight.

The feeling of going against the wind.
That brief moment when you are hanging in the air, defying gravity, feeling light less. Yet, the next moment you depended on the gravity force, so the cycle continues, like a pendulum, swinging from one side to another.

It's a beautiful irony.
How you enjoyed defying the gravity yet at the same setting, you enjoyed the gravity pull, from one side to another.
How you enjoyed floating in the air yet you also wanted the gravity to be there so it won't stop.
How you wish to be flying yet you want to be safe and unharmed, thus the iron chains used to hold you in the swing.

I wonder if we felt and acted the same way towards our Creator. Which would be shameful.
Wishing for paradise, yet living life as if this world is the paradise, as if no afterlife waiting for us.
Wishing for a beautiful and clean heart, yet keep committing sins and indulge in forbidden pleasures.
Wishing for a blissful life, yet times are spent with evil and malice.

وَهَدَيْنَاهُ النَّجْدَيْنِ

Dan Kami telah menunjukkan kepadanya dua jalan, (jalan kebaikan untuk dijalaninya, dan jalan kejahatan untuk dijauhi)?

فَلَا اقْتَحَمَ الْعَقَبَةَ

Dalam pada itu manusia tidak (memilih jalan kebaikan) merempuh masuk mengerjakan amal-amal yang tinggi darjatnya di sisi Tuhan;

(Surah al-Balad 90:10-11)

I wonder if we ever allow ourselves to learn the ironies of our lives, beyond the conflicts and problems. Whether we realize the contradicting wants and desires in our hearts.

It is just like the swing; if you let yourself hang in the air and not allowing yourself to go along with the swing, you are letting yourself fall straight on earth. In this case, both are as a result of gravity. Would you hold on to the rope and swing along (abiding the rule) or would you let it go? Just so you (hopefully) can forever be in that hanging moment but it would actually make you fall and hit the ground?

Do we allow ourselves got torn apart between these desires? Or do we maneuvered them well? This world is not to be fulfilled. It is to be spent; for the gain in the hereafter. Do we learn from the ironies of life? It is being human to have desires but do we let our Imaan take hold of it or we heed our nafs instead? Do we abide by the rule of Allah hoping to earn His blessings or would we be like those who have transgressed?


O Allah, save us from things that bring forth Your wrath, save us from your Hellfire. Make us among the guided and blessed and grant us Your Jannatul Firdaus.

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