Sunday, December 12, 2010

Friend or foe?

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

This entry is just a mere statement about someone. If you are that someone, I really hope that you would the same time, I hope that those who are not that someone, don't take it to your heart...

Are you a friend or a foe?

I met you and things were good between us. Really.

But now, you are occupying a space in my head which you should not. You know, that triggers the alarm. Are you a friend or a foe? I can't answer this nor do you coz I don't even ask you. If you are a friend, leave that spot in my head and be good. If you insist, I have no choice but to declare you as a foe until you leave. I am truly sorry, but this is for the sake of my heart. For my heart, I wish it to be pure so somehow, I have the chance to be looked by Allah with His love. Though I know, the chance is thinner than the air.

'The powerless have no choice but to cling'. I am powerless. Undeniably. O Allah, allow me to cling on you. Never push me away or neglect me. Guide me in everything I do even in the smallest thing.

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