Tuesday, February 21, 2012

it is not just that

May peace be upon us all

I had just finished my theory papers. Only written OSCE is left. 

I would not want to comment on the past. Let it be it. And I hope people wouldn't make their comments as well. Bluntly. No one knows what someone else's answers are. You hardly knows her/his condition for you to comment as you please.

Let's take an example. A student left the examination hall half an hour earlier. What is our first impression? "hebat tul dia ni. mesti boleh jawab". Indeed, nothing is wrong about that. Baguslah, bersangka baik. The problem may arise if you delivered such comment to him/her. Because in reality, it may not be just that. Perhaps that student really had no answer so he/she decided to leave early? Don't you think such comments would hurt him/her even more? 

If I were in such situation, I am hardly bothered to such comments because I had had worse insults. Nevertheless, I had met someone who broke into tears because of such comments. She had been through a lot just to cope with her own feelings and frustration of not being able to do well and when people added such remarks, she could not take it any more. 

This entry is not to blame anyone but I just hope we all know that our words had a lot of power in it. 

Pesan buat diri: kata-kata yang baik itu dapat membantu membentuk hikmah

*It is not okay to be just okay. You are let alive so that you will live your best!*

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