Wednesday, February 15, 2012

striving only at words :'(


It had been a while since I did some babbling here. Lately, I had been using :'( a lot. Exam mood I suppose:)

Today marked the end of clinical assessment for the session(if I pass) and also, I met my supervisor officially for the last time. He asked a lot questions regarding our exams, the questions which were introduced to us, how are we doing and etc... In short, he cared. That is not the issue. Throughout the conversation, I realized one thing: my supervisors had been giving me a lot and lots and lots of info but somehow, I couldn't do well in the exams? Too bad. The cases that I got for both of my short and long cases had all been discussed in great length during teaching, yet I told the examiners nonsense? Ridiculous. Somehow this made me realised that I am not being serious in my studies. Am I? I am not giving enough attention, not striving hard enough, did not give my maximum effort and yet I acted like I had done my very best. I am such a great liar T.T

I am not sure if I repeated the same mistakes in the previous postings. I am too afraid to admit that (a true cowardy). Frankly speaking, to pass has become so trivial to me(a part of me think it is good to fail~). Still, this is not the end of my journey. Let's strive and hopefully this will be depicted in my actions.

"Usaha dan tawakal. InsyaAllah"
"Best of luck!"

Ucapkanlah sesuka hatimu. Suarakan mengikut kehendakmu. Biarpun kata-katamu itu tidak bermanfaat lagi menyakitkan. Sesungguhnya aku punya Allah yang Maha Mendengar:)

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