Saturday, October 16, 2010

Live. Love. Let go.

One phrase. Four words with three full stops. I like it. I couldn't remember where did I read this for the first time and when. I could only tell that it got stuck in my head ever since. Yes. Because to me, that is what we should do. Live. Love. Let go.


Live ur life. The best you possibly could.


Love Allah. Love what Allah loves and everyone who loves Allah.

Let go.

The time will definitely come when you need to let go. Everything. Inevitably. No more reason. No more excuses. Just let it go. Only by then, will you be satisfied of your life or regretted it.

Should I add some words to it. The world.

Live. Love. Let go the world.

It ends there. Non-believers say that we live only once. Definitely not. We die once. Yes. We will be resurrected again. For eternity. Be it in heaven or hell. The other life depends on this life. Yes. THIS LIFE. That is why you need to live and live your life well.

I mean no harm nor offense by this post. Just voicing out my hidden, silent thoughts and feelings.

The truth is: I love my friends> be you Muslims or non-believers. I love you and that is the reason I want you to know the truth as well.

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