Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Silence- the title for this entry.

The reason- someone I met in a conference told me that I am a silent person. Really? I have to admit that though I was called 'mak nenek' when I was in primary school. Why did I change? No answer. What made me change? Certainly no idea. I hardly speaks. That is so true because I only speaks when necessary AND when I have the gut to do so. There are many times when I regretted keeping the words to myself and there are as many times when I regretted what I had said.

Words. Powerful being. They may soothe, encourage, enrage or even hurt someone. Yup. That is the reason I hardly speaks. I do not want to hurt people with my words because there are many times I was hurt by others. Simply with their words. Yet I am still speechless. Unable to fend myself. Pitiful. Or perhaps I am being over sensitive? I just need to practise. Practise, practise and practise. To build up self-confidence and charisma. InsyaAllah.

Ya Allah, kurniakanlah daku keyakinan yang sebenar-benarnya. Semoga diri ini terus tabah berjuang mengharapkan redha-Mu.

This is just a mere story of myself to be shared~ nothing much more. From this entry, you may benefit or not at all and I am truly sorry if the latter happens to you.

Feeling bored and tense, I imagined weird things. Once, I imagined that I was asked to give a speech. A motivating speech. One that I need the most myself ): Here it goes:

I am someone with few words. Yet, I should be sharing something beneficial with you. Thus, I would like to share this quote. This quote drives me forward and encourages optimism out of me. Hopefully it will benefits you as well:

Consult not your fears,
but your hopes and dreams;
Think not about your frustrations,
but your unfulfilled potential;
concern yourself not with you tried and failed at,
but with what is still possible for you to do.

Another thing is to love yourself very much so that you can love others much more...

Real entry-

Loneliness. I am unable to deny this lonely feeling that had been accompanying me since ... Why? I do not know. How would I define this loneliness? No idea as well. All I could say that I never had such feelings when I am being with my family. Deduction- I am lonely when I am with my friends? How could such thing happen.

I missed them. My friends.

They are here. My friends. With me. I am not alone. Why am I lonely? Who knows. Allah is there. Always. Why should I worry? :)

Memo: blup2, missed u so muchT.T

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there's a saying :
"I have often regretted my speech, never my silence."
Silence doesnt make u a bad person..
most time, it favors u..

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